investment $1500

A one-time travel fee of $100 will be applied for clients that live and/or birth outside of a 45 minute travel distance. 

Investment $1500

Childbirth Education

Investment $300

A comprehensive childbirth education class that is designed to connect you with your partner and your community.  

Classes typically run 2.5 hours in length. We will meet for four consecutive weeks  to discuss:
  • what to focus on during pregnancy
  • your birth options for where you plan to birth; home or hospital. 
  • postpartum expectations
  • feeding your newborn

This engaging class offers lots of hands-on activities and challenges to practice your new skills so you can go forth and birth like the badass you are!

Your instructors are Jillian Bretz & Kenna Brooke, two birthworkers with a shared passion for providing judgment-free birth education.

Doula clients receive a discount of $100 off.

2024 Class Schedule

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