investment $1500

A one-time travel fee of $100 will be applied for clients that live and/or birth outside of a 45 minute travel distance. 

 Working with me looks like..

A one-time travel fee of $100 will be applied to clients who live outside of a 45 minute travel distance from my home. 
A one-time travel fee of $150 will be applied to clients who plan to birth at Naval Medical Center Camp Lejune. 

Birth Support

Birth support begins prenatally so that we can develop a relationship that will serve you best during your labor. Once the contact is signed and deposit paid, I am available for your questions, updates, and concerns. I have a ton of resources and holistic recommendations to support your during this time. 

During pregnancy, I provide individualized information and support to your whole pregnant self; body, mind, and spirit. 

I offer four prenatal meetings to discuss things like:
  • Options & Preferences for labor, birth, and during the first couple of hours postpartum
  • Advocacy: We explore who you are, your communication style, how to communicate effectively with your care team, and what you can expect from me.
  • The importance of movement, comfort measures, and the do's for labor. 
  • Postpartum recovery, feeding your baby, the early days at home with a newborn
  • Your experiences and desires for this pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

During your labor, I will be available to you and your partner through it all. Early labor is often a time for lovers to connect, rest up, and get ready for the work ahead. I typically communicate regularly by phone during this time until its time for us to get together in person, usually as early labor transitions into active labor. I will remain by your side throughout your labor, birth, and early postpartum.
After you welcome your baby and are settled in (and fed!) after the first feeding, I will tuck you in for some special family time. We will see each other again very soon for a postpartum check-in and an in-home postpartum visit.  

investment $1500


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